Internal & Employee Communications

Develop the skills of planning listening and responding to build trust with employees.

Working with senior management teams and HR departments we have devised and implemented successful internal and employee communications programmes that have helped to drive employee engagement and increase retention rates.

We are particularly experienced at supporting the SMT with employee communications during M&A and other re-structuring activities, including the creation of change management strategies for the new organisation.

We can advise you on the best course of action to follow, and can help you by preparing:

  • intranet and internal newsletter copy
  • Q&As, emails and letters
  • speeches and presentations
  • briefs and training line managers

Our support has directly contributed to:

  • more effective management
  • greater transparency and openness between management and employees
  • a culture of learning between colleagues
  • a programme for knowledge management across the organisation
  • career development opportunities for employees
  • increased productivity
  • employee morale
  • higher employee retention rates