Legal PR

Supporting business development and marketing plans. Find out how we can help with securing new clients, cross-selling and client retention.

Legal PR requires a high level of care and sensitivity around a firm’s work and its clients. We know that it can be hard in some instances for a firm to seek publicity for a particular piece of work.

That’s why we have built a reputation for researching and identifying external issues that a firm can comment on to demonstrate their skills and expertise rather than relying on matters that the firm has been working on, no matter how interesting and successful they have been.

We know the legal, and probably more importantly, the business and financial press very well. That allows us to successfully position firms for comment on new legislation, a decision of the courts or an issue currently occupying Parliament and/or the public’s attention that ties in with a practice area you wish to promote.

Our skill lies firstly in understanding the technical detail of the law and then being able to explain its purpose and effect in a way that non-lawyers (business journalists and their audience) will understand without losing anything in the translation.

We’ve found this wins the trust of our clients and the journalists.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including media relations, copywriting, social and digital media, media training and crisis and issues management.

Our objective is to position you as a thought leader on the subject matter. Eventually, we want journalists to actively seek you out for specialist help and opinion in planning a feature.

Initially, we will want to know the practice areas you wish to promote and your firm’s business development and marketing plans for those practice areas, so that we can integrate a communications plan into your work.

Whether it’s an article in a high quality broadsheet or an interview on national breakfast TV, we want to be sure you can use this coverage to support your marketing activities, whether that’s cross-selling and retaining existing clients, attracting new clients or recruiting high quality fee earners.