Media Relations

We will prepare and apply a media strategy that will get you seen by those that matter most to you.

We will take the time to understand what you want to achieve from that coverage; whether it is to make an impression with existing and potential clients, supporters, funders or even your own peer group.

We have excellent relationships with national papers and magazines, online journalists and TV and radio broadcasters. Take a look at our case studies to see just some of the coverage we have achieved.

How we work!

One thing we will not do is just wait for you to supply us with news. We will monitor the media for issues that are of interest to your organisation and offer to position you for comment and opinion, and we will work out who will be the most helpful journalists and the best outlets for you. Introductions are very important, and we will get you networking with the right journalists.

We will help you craft your messages, write all copy, distribute press releases, statements and articles and act as your press office. If you already have a press office we will work with them as an additional resource.

We will handle partnerships appropriately, so that the partners involved in your projects also receive the coverage they deserve.

Media coverage can be monitored, captured and evaluated for you.

Regular reports will be provided in the medium you require.