Not For Profit / Charity PR

Supporting fundraising is just one part of our work with not for profit organisations. Campaigns, events, awards, impact reports are a few of the others.

We have worked with many national and local charities in areas as diverse as the arts, heritage, medical research, palliative care and microfinance.

The audiences have been equally diverse, including service users, potential donors, funders, professional bodies, MPs and councillors.

A significant part of our work is supporting fundraising with proven success in helping charities raise vital funds. But we also help in other ways. For one client we have helped in find stem cell donors for a patient appeal and launched pioneering medical procedures for increasing the number of potential stem cell donors registered in the UK.

For many of our clients we have helped to raise the profile of the charity’s work and the issues that concern them with Government departments and MPs. We  have looked after visits by Ministers and MPs.

We excel in producing case studies to explain the charity’s cause and the impact of its work. We will interview people in a variety of formats to get across the right messages about your charity and its work.

We will help you in finding high profile celebrities and dignitaries to be ambassadors and patrons of your charity.

We can organise and stage-manage your conferences, launches and other events. We will write speeches, film and photograph the event, prepare and distribute press releases, and manage all social media.

We will produce content for your website, newsletter and other charity literature.

We will handle communications planning for your campaigning and public affairs work.

We will support all of your activities through a variety of social media channels to reach and engage with a broader audience.