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When Swiss Post International UK (SPI) made the decision to expand its fulfilment operations into the e-commerce/distance selling market we had to prepare and implement a communications strategy that would ensure retailers would be persuaded of the benefits of moving from their existing goods distributor to SPI.

E-commerce has seen incredible growth in recent years. Empowered by mobile devices customers can now shop anywhere they like and at any time they like increasing the opportunities for distance sellers but also creating new challenges. With customers now having access to a much wider pool of potential retailers, and real-time products and price comparisons at their fingertips, their loyalty is proving much harder to win.

For SPI to move into the highly competitive delivery market for online retailers we knew that they needed to make an impression on retailers.

Working closely with the Marketing and Sales teams in SPI London and Berne we created a communications strategy based around what differentiates SPI from its competitors.

We created messaging that focused on the customer experience and which would build customer loyalty for the retailer.


Researching the marketplace we found that a common complaint was that retailers often focus their resources on the quality of their catalogues, mailings and e-commerce websites, to the detriment of the equally important areas of distribution and fulfilment. Researching studies and the industry we found that positive delivery and return experiences are vital links in the supply chain that connects successful retailers and happy customers.

SPI’s distinctiveness  lies in its Swissness. We therefore produced material that demonstrated the Swiss quality of the service. Reliability, punctuality and security were demonstrated through SPI’s excellent delivery and returns management processes and its worldwide logistics network.

Swiss innovation and forward-thinking was promoted through the range of flexible SPI products available to retailers.

We worked closely with the Head of Distance Selling to raise his profile as a respected industry commentator, and held regular meetings with staff to keep up to date with industry news and the latest trend or hot topic. Customs and tax issues on shipment and return of goods was a key issue of concern to retailers on which we could impart practical knowledge.

Materials were timed wherever possible for publication in support of forthcoming trade events, such as ECMOD and eTail Europe. White papers, marketing brochures and customer case studies were written too for trade fairs and events.


Regular coverage was achieved in the e-commerce, delivery and distribution media, including Direct Commerce, Direct Marketing International, Direct Distribution, CEP Research, Mail & Express Review, Post & Parcel, Fulfilment & e-logistics, Postal Technology International.